A disciple is someone who: has accepted Jesus, is following Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is serving the mission of Jesus.

We all seek to live out Jesus' method for making disciples.  This relational process is sacred to the Lord.  Jesus had an intentional process that both He and His earliest followers lived out.

He left Heaven to share who He was with a lost world so they would believe in Him and receive life.

He then invited those who accepted Him to connect relationally and belong to the family of God.

He began a process of training His disciples to minister with the knowledge, abilities, and gifts they had been given to become change agents in the world.

Finally, He released them out into the world to be disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

At Life Church, we value relationships!   This is why Life Groups are central to the vision of Life Church. 

Life Groups are small groups that meet at various locations throughout Orange County.  Every group provides an environment for people to connect relationally, care for one another and grow together in their relationship with Christ.

You'll never fully experience all Life Church has to offer until you connect in a Life Group!

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